USO B-25 5-25X52 34MM FFP JVCR


Modern rifle scopes must meet the demands placed upon them in an operational sense, as well as satisfy consumers. It’s not always easy to do both, but U.S. Optics has come up with a winner in their new “B” Series, which includes the B-10, B-17, and B-25 scopes.

The B-10 is a medium-range scope, meant to engage targets out to a range of ~1,000 – 1,200 yards. The B-17 is a medium-long range scope, meant to engage targets out to a range of ~1,500 – 1,700 yards. Finally, the B-25 is a long-range scope, meant to engage targets out to a range of ~2,500-yards (and potentially further) in the hands of a capable marksman.

Though the general rule of thumb is 1x magnification power for every 100-yds (approximately) range between the shooter and the target, there are certainly scopes with low-grade lens materials that can make successfully engaging a target at moderate- to long-distance a real challenge. Not so with the B Series. U.S. Optics utilizes premium lenses and materials in the construction of these scopes, sealing them against the elements.

A series with premium features and numerous reticle options, U.S. Optics’ B-series scopes are destined to find their way on to precision rifles owned by the most discerning operators and competitors.

The B-25 has the most features and highest magnification of the B Series optics.


  • Locking elevation and windage knobs
  • Zero-stop
  • Revolution counter
  • Tool-less elevation zero
  • 2 mm Exit Pupil Diameter
  • +2 to -3 Diopter
  • 2.3” / 58.63 mm Objective Lens Housing Diameter
  • 1.40” / 35 mm Ocular Lens Diameter
  • Lithium Coin battery (CR2032); run time up to 8,000 Hours

The B-25 optics also have all the same durability, reliability, and performance that US Optics is known for. Additionally, this Anti-Reflective Device fits B-25 scopes and will block stray light rays from entering the objective lens, reducing glare in the process.

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Minimal magnification. 5x
Maximum magnification. 25x
Diopter range  -3/+2
Lens diameter.  52 mm
Min. exit pupil. 2 mm
Max. exit pupil. 10 mm
Min. field of view. 1.7m/100m
Max. field of view. 5.4m/100m
Min. eye relief. 89mm
Max. eye relief. 90mm
Twilight Factor 
Light transmission 
Fast focus eyepiece  Yes
Turret Type  Tactical – Lockable
Turret locking No
Zero Stop Yes
Nr. Turret Turns  DT – Double Turn
Turret rotation direction No
Elevation (mrad).  23.02mrad
Elevation (MOA). 79MOA
Windage (mrad).  23.02mrad
Windage (MOA). 79MOA
Elevation Per Turn 
Reticle position  1. focal plane – FFP
Reticle illumination  Yes
Daytime-usable illumination  Yes
Auto Turn-Off  Yes
Dot size. 0MOA
Parallax setting  23 m to infinity
Parallax adjustment  Yes – side focus
Parallax adj. range 
Length. 455 mm
Weight. 1010g
Working temperature range
Power Supply No
Filled with  Nitrogen
Lens coating  Fully Multicoated
Tube diameter  34 mm
Mounting rail. No
Scope Rail Standard No
Mount rail type  No
Mount length. 0mm
Objective diameter  52 mm
Eyepiece diameter  35 mm
Mounting Standard N/A
Waterproof  Yes
Fogproof  Yes
Shockproof Yes

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