FAMAE SG 543 1M 5.56NATO 18.7″


Introducing the FAMAE SG 543-1M, flat top, exclusively from Tactical Imports. The 1M version of the SG 543 is a modernization to the 543 platform, currently in use with Chilean military. The modernization includes flat-top picatinny rail, folding telescoping polymer stock and picatinny quadrail in order to enhance the rifle’s capabilities and provide ability to tailor the rifle towards various mission requirements. The long barrel SG 543 was specifically developed in order to provide a lighter front-end in contrast to the SG 540-1M with full-length gas system and quadrail.

The SG 543-1 is a gas operated rotating bolt 5.56×45 NATO battle rifle developed by Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG) in the mid-1970s. It uses a rotating bolt long-stroke piston operated action, derived from the AK-47 for durability and reliability. The recoil spring is wrapped around the gas pistol for ease of use. The rifle features a 3 position gas regulator (0 –Off, 1 –Normal, 2 –Extreme Conditions/Fouled), which allows the rifle to be run in it’s ideal setting, without the need to run overgassed (and therefore extra recoil) in order to ensure reliability. Receiver is made of steel and is split between the upper (housing barrel and action ) and the lower (housing the trigger mechanism and magazine well). The receiver is connected by quick release push pins, that allow for fast and easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance. Magazines are polymer, 5/30 and feature a bolt hold open on the last round. A bolt release button is located on the left side of the receiver, while the safety lever is ambidextrous. Trigger guard is foldable allowing use of rifle in strong winter conditions that necessitate the use of thick winter gloves. Finish is phosphate for corrosion resistance. The fixed stock, pistol grip and handguard are all made of high-strength polymers to reduce overall weight.

The barrel is fitted with a flash hider, removable for attachment of third party muzzle devices. The FAMAE SG 543-1 is license built in Chile.

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Caliber: 5.56×45 NATO
Effective Range: 500m
Method of Operation: Gas Operated, Rotating Bolt
Overall Length: 938-976mm/36.9-38.4″
Length of Pull: 286-327mm/11.3-12.9″
Barrel Length: 475mm/18.7″
Barrel Twist: 1 in 10
Barrel Threading: M15x1
Barrel Treatment: Nitrided
Weight, Empty: 3700g/8.2lbs

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Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 130 × 25 × 15 cm



5.56 NATO


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